Top 5 Tik-Tok Statistics- That You Need To Know

Creativity comes in all shapes, sizes, and voice s. And, for most people of the generation Z, creativity comes with TikTok. TikTok has become a culture of a sort. With TikTok, you get the exact type of creative freedom, something that you have always wished for. Business recognition can be multiplied by using buy tiktok likes to reach large followers.

A channel to create short videos, the TikTok growth of 2020 has opened gateways for young content creators. With impressive creations that can be funny, inspirational, or wholesome, the new content creation app is a whole cinematic experience in itself. While some people use it to fill the old Vine ways, the TikTok growth stats have skyrocketed.

  1. The Origin Of The Modern-Day App

The heir of the Chinese app Douyin, TikTok, is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Also, the successor of the sensational app TikTok paved its way to stardom with the aid of ByteDance, its parent company.

The app today provides a simple way to reach the masses with recreational videos with no special gear other than a smartphone. The most astonishing fact is that TikTok has now gained a status as an equal, if not better than major social media apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Despite being a young app, this modern-day sensation is competing well against media giants like Google and Facebook-owned apps.

To know more about TikTok and TikTok growth of 2020, here are some TikTok growth stats for entrepreneurs worldwide:-

  1. TikTok Active User Count

It is surprising that the sites you have heard of more than TikTok are less installed and have fewer monthly active user count than the latter. LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even Twitter has a user count less than that of TikTok. As of the TikTok growth stats of 2020, there are about 1B active TikTok users! And more astonishing is the fact that it only took TikTok about three years to reach its massive monthly active user count, while other apps like Instagram struggled for six years.

Facebook, too, gained popularity and its large monthly active user count after about four years of its launch.

  1. TikTok Installation Count

Having passed 1B download marks on google play store and app store, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps of 2019. Impressively, having reached the 1B mark in Feb 2019, it only took about eight more months to bag half a billion users more. TikTok growth stats show that the app easily surpassed the entire download count of 2018 and set new records.

As of the TikTok growth of 2020, the app is one of the most downloaded apps and also ranks way ahead of Twitter and Youtube, under the time of four years. The TikTok growth of 2020 is seriously a significant achievement in such a short time. Also, unlike all other massively used social media apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, TikTok is not owned by Facebook.

  1. Most Bownloaded App On AppStore

Tiktok bagged another achievement in a very short time. While being one of the most downloaded apps of the past decade, TikTok is the most downloaded app of the AppStore!

With about 35 million downloads to its credit, TikTok squarely beats the other four popular most downloaded apps, which are Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. Hence the app has a definite stronghold on its users and is continuously inspiring more others to use it as it remains to be the most downloaded app on Apple AppStore.

Though TikTok does not enjoy the same rank on Google play store, it still stands third on the list of most downloaded apps. With about 190 million new users as a year-on-year increase, TikTok growth stats are positively blooming.

  1. Tiktok Youth Fanbase

The young app has the interest of the youth ranging from 16 to 24 years old. As of the Tiktok growth stats of 2020 41%, Tiktok users come from this age range.

This no-brainer fact was highly aided by the prospect of building an app that targeted teens mostly. With the creative use of sounds to dance, lip-sync, or even create the most astonishing point of view videos, youngsters find TikTok worthy of their time.

With a high download rate found mostly in India, China, and the USA, TikTok has become a significant sensation. And if the statistics hold up, TikTok is here to stay.